Absolute Pleasure

The Ultimate in Relaxation and Pleasure

Kareena Tantric Goddess of Therapeutic Massage 

If you're looking for the ultimate in relaxation and pleasure, a more creative and healthier you - you've come to the right place.

Tantric massage to me is relaxation in a luxury form. My massage is a very sensual and intimate massage, I will touch you like youv'e never been touched before.

It is an hour or more of pure indulgence.... lay back and enjoy my expert touch, where I use my intuition and make the massage bespoke for you.

Not only will you feel absolute pleasure and relaxation while i'm doing the massage, you will feel wonderful and amazing for day's afterward.

You will experience a full body arousal massage. I will use soft sensual strokes on every part of your body, deepening your experience of sexuality and orgasmic pleasure. I will concentrate on massaging your erogenous zones and genital area which is called the Lingam massage and it concludes the whole body arousal. The energy you generate in that area is moved around your body connecting and revitalizing every part of your body.

The Lingam massage happens in the last 20 minutes of the massage. The first part of the massage is to spread the sexual energy around your body and to prepare and build your body for the final Climax ensuring that your climax is one hundred fold more orgasmic as you Climax through your whole body not just the genital area.

You will explode into a state of orgasmic pleasure which you will feel throughout your entire body, this is why so many people laugh shake and tingle all over. You will be amazed from the feelings I create in your body and from how powerful your Climax will be. This is a true genuine Tantric massage, if you have never felt all of these feelings before then you have not experienced a genuine Tantric massage.

Enjoy all of the amazing sensations that I create in your body. Tantric massage affect's people in a lot of different ways, some of these being total trust in me, complete relaxation, pure happiness and Calm. Some may shake or laugh, it is a glorious massage full of pleasure and Surprise.

My Tantric massage can be very healing both physically and emotionally so you may get More than you imagined which is an absolute bonus for yourself and your wellbeing. Not everyone realizes the power and importance of touch, when it is given with love and knowledge of tantras it can have a big impact on your life and within your body.

Tantric massage has been around for thousands of years and it is beleved that man has always seeked out the feminine goddess as we can give man everything they desire through our emotions and our sensual and erotic touch. Sadly through religion, the goddess with her potent sexuality was demonised and the power of the divine feminine lost, which is why man will always seek out the Female Goddess for Pleasure.

Tantric massage on the spiritual level creates not just physical pleasure but will also help with your everyday life, inspiring you to become more creative and fuel your ambitions through your sexual life force energy, which is the most powerful energy we have. Together we can use breath technique and imagination to move the sexual energy around your body which will amplify the benifits of the massage to give you heightened pleasure and creativity.

Tantric philosophy is a process of learning how to not be selfish and to think about the needs of others and put their needs before your own, making you relate to others more easily. You will lead a better life with more qaulity and happiness, and gain calm and inner peace.

You can enjoy significant improvements in your daily life, be able to cope with frustrations better and feel less anxious. Also your love life and relationships will improve and you will achieve a higher level of inner peace.

My massage will leave you feeling fully relaxed and rejuvinated, having had the most pleasurable experience from my intuitive touch.

I am aware that my massage is a sensual and intimate experience, so to avoid misunderstandings, I Emphasise the fact that my services are Massage only. They do NOT include sexual services.

I offer hotel appointments £195 for 90 minutes or £150 for 1 hour. Please enquire if you would like a longer appointment.

I very much look forward to hearing from you...............

If any ladies are reading this.. at the moment, I apologise that I only offer tantric massage to men but i am happy to recommend a lady therapist for you.

This is your time to Relax and Escape.

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